Pitman Training

Executive PA Diploma

At Pitman Training Cayman Islands we are committed to working with you to give you skills necessary to transform your career.

Being an Executive PA requires you to work under pressure, have great organisational skills and be an expert in Microsoft Office applications. If you are already in a secretarial or administrative role this diploma will help you progress in your career.

There are 18 courses in the diploma program and will take approximately 265 hours of flexi study or 10 weeks full-time to complete. You have a choice of study in Pitman Training Cayman Islands centre, at home or a blended mix.

An excellent PA is always in demand so choose this impressive designation to add to your list of accomplishments as you climb the ladder to success.

The best way to make sure your trainhing programme suits you, your skills, your ambitions and your busy schedule, is to get in touch with us for a free, friendly expert career consultation.